Robert has good phone presence, a good pace in speaking & gives a new client room to sound out what we’re needing from him – after many lukewarm interactions with lawyers over the years- at great expense- I AM impressed! The subject we need to address with him makes me SO frustrated & angry, but am now able to focus and get to the nuts & bolts. Robert is also one of the few who has the discipline and takes the time to reflect back in writing WHAT he understands is wanted by this client. Now it feels like I can calm the heck down and have the ” ping & pong” of an actual conversation & be HEARD, not on edge & frustrated! Thanks!

Michael Cordova

Robert is a passionate and dedicated attorney who I truly enjoyed working with on projects. He is direct and hands-on which is something that makes him good at what he does. I continuously recommend Robert to family, friends, and acquaintances. I endorse this lawyer.


This was my second time talking to Robert about my situation. He helped provide me with very helpful information that enabled me to have significantly more leverage in a negotiation that I am engaged in. I like that he doesn’t just recite legal parameters or use legal jargon that makes little or sense to the lay person. Instead he has a practical perspective and can empathize with the client’s side of the story enough to where he can communicate things in a pragmatic understandable way and help guide the person as far as making sound decisions. Highly recommended!